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Independent Escort Duesseldorf

A first glance. Excitement shoots through your veins like electricity.
You: the lover of beautiful things, of beautiful women and great pleasure. Sophisticated bon vivant with refined taste.
Me: Indepdendent Escort Düsseldorf, light-hearted, elegant with a penchant for seduction.
We know what we want.

High Class Escort Düsseldorf
High Class Independent Escort

We want to feel the fascination of the first moment. Experience the beginning of a great adventure. Savour tingling flirtations and relaxed togetherness. Share our lust and throw standards and morals overboard.

With me you can let yourself go, be unreasonable and forget the monotonous everyday life. In the end, a blissful smile will remain on your lips and the euphoria of the escort date will carry you through the days.

My seduction can be wild, gentle or graceful, but it is always intense and passionate.
Whether we shower in champagne and shout for joy or watch the sunset arm in arm and simply enjoy the moment in silence, we are free to decide.


Duesseldorf, Cologne
Bonn, Ruhr Area, Frankfurt
Germany & worldwide
Managing director industrial sales/ M.A. degree, High Class Escort
German, English (fluent), Dutch, French (conversation), Italian (Beginner)
double vaccinated, dates are 2G+ (recovered/ vaccinated + daily rapid antigen test)
170cm /5'7
36 - S/M
35/36 - 3/ 3½
dark chocolate
Yes one, can easily be removed if desired. No tattoos.
I don't smoke, but I don't have a problem if you do.
Changeable, preferably classic-elegant, feminine, cool
I have a heart for indie and fusion jazz, love classical concerts and loud music in small clubs.
„Felix Krull“ -Th. Mann, „Outlander“ -D. Gabaldon, „Mort sans sépulture“ – J.P. Sartre
Pink roses, white lilies, daisies
Miss Dior Cherie, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Fresh Peppermint Tea, Gin Fizz, Rosé Champagner (Ruinart Rosé), Whisky Sour
Italian, classic Rhinelandish, Asian, for special occasions also upscale star cuisine.
Rowing, horse riding, Tango Argentino, yoga, golf (beginner HCP -54), skiing (red slope)
I don't like
Unalterable prejudices, cold water, coriander
I like
Listening to music - seeing - experiencing, truffle popcorn, theatre, city trips while playing city guide,
history, horse racing, pampering yourself at the spa, learning something new every day,
sometimes just doing nothing at all, ...and in all things enjoying life.
Favourite spots
Scotland, Rome, Provençe, Sweden, Maledives

As an independent escort, I am very open and like a lot of erotic play, but don’t put us under pressure to try everything.
Let’s just go on a journey together and live out our lust.

Things I love:
Girlfriend Erotic
Blow Jobs
being spoiled
passionate kissing
fine and fancy lingerie and high heels (..which do not always have to be taken off…)
sensual oil massages
foot eroticism
light bondage games with men I already know
to see your climax on my body (to see it in the mirror includes that 😉 )
fun together in the shower or in the bathtub
club visits
Duos with other escorts
I tend to the submissive side, but also like to express my will. Depending on my mood, I am sometimes wilder, sometimes more tender and do not want to limit myself.
This list is certainly not complete, but it will give you a good idea of what we can experience.

Not possible:
Greek erotica

Most of the time, my make-up and hairstyle don’t sit perfectly after sex.

If you want something special, don’t hesitate to write to me.

“I’m sorry, but how can one possibly pay attention to a book with no pictures in it?”

Alice in Wonderland / Lewis Caroll

Escort Service Duesseldorf - Cologne - Frankfurt

Exciting escort dates worldwide

What are you looking for? An independent escort service for an unforgettable evening in Düsseldorf?
You are missing a tender playmate for a weekend in Cologne?
You are not looking for the wonderland on the Rhine, but further away and the journey there alone would be lonely and boring?
You want to be desired, feel the tickle of the first encounter, enjoy the intoxication of craving and have the luxury that you already know the outcome.

I am Alice, passionate girl of joy, escort, lover, academic and working at day in a much less exciting field than that of high class escort hamburging.
I am always open to new things, I surprise you as a vamp or as a lady, I am sometimes girly, sometimes cool. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, always stylish and fitting to the occasion.
A chameleon? A chameleon, perhaps. But one with the utmost conviction.

At the core of my being, I am a typical Rhinelander – lively, humorous, positive and enthusiastically looking forward to every new adventure. I enjoy the light-hearted savoir-vivre, am a hedonist through and through, and am equally reflective and profound.

Eloquent and sophisticated, I sweeten your evening, but also know when it’s time to indulge in completely different pleasures.
I want you, are you with me?


She’s A Killer Queen
2 hours– 700€

If You Want The Thrill Of Love
4 hours– 900€

Take a Walk On The Wild Side
6 hours– 1100€

Did I Take You To The Heat Of Extasy?
12 hours– 1500€

Runnin’ Wild And Lookin’ Pretty
15 hours– 1800€

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
24 hours– 2400€

Cover Me With Kisses, Baby
48 hours– 3500€

Dinner only, other lengths and travel companions on request

Travel costs:

For dates in Europe I only calculate ticket and taxi costs.
You can find more information on my Fly me to you page.

Within Düsseldorf/Cologne/Bonn there are no further costs.
Up to 250km from Düsseldorf there are no ticket costs for a booking of 4 hours or more.
– Frankfurt fits exactly into this distance.

Please hand over my fee discreetly and in cash in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of our meeting.
My fees are non-negotiable.

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it takes more than just everyday life

“I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation”
Oscar Wilde


Ready for your trip to wonderland?

I only make a few dates a month, as I treat myself to escorting as a small, exclusive pleasure and don’t always have time for dates due to my main job.
I only offer hotel visits, because I appreciate the special ambience outside of the daily routine for us. Home visits are not possible, but I am happy to assist you with hotel recommendations.

I want to be able to prepare perfectly for a meeting with you, which is why I need a lead time of one day.
When you send me an email, it is important for me to know the date and place of our meeting. I would be very happy if you could tell me something about your preferences and wishes, because I am always curious about the person I am going to meet!