A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.

Paul Newman

Independent Escort Casino

To go to a casino with me as an escort is a very special experience.
Two people in black tie, a classic dinner and the digestif is taken at the Black Jack table.

I am a passionate gambler and in the few classic casinos that still exist you can spend wonderful evenings!
The somewhat old-fashioned atmosphere of a bygone era wafts through the rooms, because what reasonable person still gets involved in gambling these days?
I love to be unreasonable, wear my patent black heels and a seductive dress, bet on red because it matches my lipstick.
There’s a dress code that reminds you of James Bond and I love being the most sinful lucky girl you can dream of.
I’ll distract the other players and you can sit back and relax, knowing that at the end of the evening I’ll be yours.

The alternation between exuberant joy and the desperate wen you loose again makes the blood race in your veins.
The encouraging hand on your butt and the intense kiss after a daring win promise things that will be fulfilled later in the hotel.

How much we’ll win? Only Saint Corona will know. Let us be surprised and dedicate to her vicariously every “Oh God” that comes over our lips during our date…


  • Time: 12h Overnight or longer
  • Place: worldwide in upscale casinos (Baden Baden, Wiesbaden, Monaco,…)
  • Special: reduced rate, 100€ of my fee in chips instead of cash