Do you also notice the relief that is slowly spreading through life?
Even if we have not yet reached the end of this unfortunate pandemic, more and more normality is returning.

What does this mean for our shared passion?
Escort dates are allowed again in large parts of Germany, hotels and restaurants have reopened and there is hardly anything standing in the way of cautious fun! Even travelling is possible again without major obstacles.
I’m really looking forward to finally not lying alone in bed again, but having fun together.

As for safety: I am now completely vaccinated and continue to live quite calmly. When dating, I make sure that several days have passed since I last met someone else.
(Some might think that’s overdoing it, but better safe than sorry).
If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, I would ask you to take another test before our date – and of course cancel if you don’t feel well or have a cold.

And now: Raise your glasses and let’s drink to great dates!

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