Frankfurt has always been one of my favourite cities for escort dates. I would never understand this city for living, but for decadent evenings, for fancy locations and bars, the financial metropolis is simply perfect.
If I then also get my love for good food fulfilled, nothing can really go wrong.

If you’re not afraid of heights, I have the ultimate restaurant tip for you: Franziska, way up in the Henninger Tower.
The lift takes you to the top, was it 37 or 38 floors? I’m no longer sure (…maybe I got distracted…).

The design manages the balancing act between classy and cosy. Very stylish in any case and I wouldn’t mind if my dining room looked like this. The breathtaking view of the seemingly tiny Frankfurt alone leaves me speechless. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s not that easy to pull off.
Normally, I tend to hold back on taking photos in restaurants and using my mobile phone on dates; it’s usually annoying and I’d rather devote all my attention to the person I’m talking to. But on the evening at Franziska, I had to take a picture or two. I blame it on the altitude. Or the wine.

Actually, the kitchen could already rest on location and design, but fortunately both seem to be an extra incentive to guarantee a completely rounded experience.
What do you get? The self-description “Progressive German Vintage Cuisine” would make me shrug my shoulders in confusion, but fortunately I have eaten my way through the menu. There are classic dishes and also simplicities like ham noodles or fish rolls with a surprising twist. The food is fun and exciting. The service is relaxed and highly professional, especially the sommelier is great.
Unfortunately, he is also responsible for the fact that I now know that I do like Chardonnay and that my (current) favourite white wine is the excellent Knipser Chardonnay.
Not good for my wallet, but very good for my palate. And as we all know, a happy palate is much more important than a happy wallet.

And where in other places you have to leave after dinner to find a good bar, here you can just sit. Watch the sunset, have a drink (or two…) to whet your appetite for the after-dinner get-together. (I can highly recommend the bathtub at Roomers. But I won’t tell you any more ? )

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