Independent Escort Lynette

The North is calling!

My dear friend Lynette has convinced me to go to Hamburg in July with an extraordinarily tempting idea.
Since I can’t resist her (and hopefully you can too…), I’m already excited. Fancy joining us?

This is what Lynette writes:

All the positive flow of the last few weeks has inspired Alice and me. After a few hours on the phone, we decided to spend a weekend together and do a photo shoot and to top off the weekend, we would like to organise an unforgettable date. The date should be something very special. Alice and I want to spend a really nice, erotic and enjoyable evening/night with a bon vivant. A man who, just like us, wants to enjoy with all his senses after this long dry spell.

We will rent a nice location in Hamburg and make it available for the date.

The date should last at least six hours and include a visit to a good restaurant.

The date of the date is 17.07 or 18.07..

By the way, Alice and I are both vaccinated. We are looking forward to getting your message.

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