• Geliebte auf Zeit – Escort Podcast

    "Somebody's gotta do a German escort podcast!" This idea was floating around the room for a long time - and Luisa made it come true in April! Open conversations among escorts. It's all about sex, anecdotes, tips - whatever is interesting at the moment. All recorded for posterity and the interested listener. I feverishly awaited
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  • Office distractions

    What a time. Working remotely from home without seeing anyone for days on almost drive me crazy. So I took the opportunity to rush to the office in the evening to do things that are too complicated to do at home. Outside the sun is shining and I open all doors and windows to enjoy
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  • Twitter -Tweet, tweet my lovely!

    In the modern world it is no longer enough for an escort to publish an advertisement in the newspaper and bribe the concierges of the good hotels. Besides website directories, mesaage boards and blog, a medium has really grown dear to my heart, which I would like to present to you today: Twitter I've been
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  • Finally a newsletter again!

    It's done - I have a working newsletter again! From now on you can keep up to date on all new blog posts, city trips or my specials. For all subscribers there is also a little welcome present Curious? Then sign up quickly!   xx Alice
  • Song Love IX

    A song that I can listen to over and over again for hours and sing along loudly. And although it is actually so sad, this melody always conjures a broad grin in my face.
  • How to dress for an escort date

    "Come as you like" This sentence, as nice as it is meant, always puts me in a huge dilemma - I do not own any clothes in which I do not feel comfortable. My 3 meter wardrobe is filled with casual outfits, with jeans and sweaters, cocktail dresses (MANY cocktail dresses), with the big show
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  • Let’s go skiing!

    I confess - I got infected with the ski virus again. After I was asked from various sides whether I would actually go skiing and always answered honestly with "Good question, last time was 15 years ago" (which of course means no more than anything else), I tested myself and spent a weekend on the
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