• Being desired once again

    Do you miss it? The longing looks, the little first touches? The tingling sensation when one meets. That feeling that you only get at first, special encounters. Little flashes of lightning rushing through your veins. Feeling understood, feeling wanted and being desired. Pretty, on high heels in the best dress I come along - just
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  • How easy is a “Fly me to you”-arrangement?

    Sometimes you want to meet me, but you're on a completely different side of the country from me. Sometimes you'd like to fly through the world with me, relaxed. And sometimes you don't want these dreams to come true because it seems too complicated. And that's where my offer comes in! I love travelling so
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  • Inside Alice

    I love to fill out questionnaires (how many times have I mentioned this already?) and often I am asked similar questions again and again. This is a great opportunity to answer a few of them for everyone who reads them. What is important to you? The variety in life is important to me. A constant
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  • Spoil me!

    It's the usual mantra - "No, you don't have to give me a present, the attention in the envelope is enough for me!" - and it's true! Nevertheless, I am asked from time to time what you are allowed to bring along and I would be lying if I said that I would not be
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  • Do you need to please an escort?

      Client: I wonder, have you ever… Me: [Interrupting] Probably ? — Leana Lane (@MsLeanaLane) 3. Dezember 2017 I often hear that men put themselves under pressure because they have the feeling that they have to do an incredible amount of things in bed, because I as an escort usually look down on them. And
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  • Song LoveVIII

    Lieblingslied VIII I always find it fascinating what magic music can develop when it is reduced to very few building blocks. I could listen to this song again and again for hours <3