• “On The Seduction Of Angels”

    You either seduce angels swiftly, or not at all. Just pull him into a house entrance Stick your tongue in his mouth and grasp Him under the skirt, until he gets himself wet, put Him face to the wall, lift his skirt And fuck him. Does he moan kind of anxiously Then hold him tight
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  • Happyyyyyyyy :)

    Although I already raved about spring two days ago, I have to do it again right away! Since I woke up I’ve already got a catchy tune from the song and nothing fits better to sit on the balcony with a coffee, laptop on the table, forget about work and twitch my feet. And now
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  • Heavenly sunny!

    It’s him Loops lets flutter spring so blue, flutter freshly through the skies; odor-sweets from earth arise, memories of yore so true. Violets by now in dreams, wanting soon to come. – Hark, sounds far a harp so gently beams! Spring, hence there thou art! Yet I’ve heard thee hum!   Eduard Möricke Today was
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  • Ronja as guest in the blog

    As most people know, I am lucky to have a very good friend who is also a stunning partner for duos in escort. Ronja just has a fantasy on your side (or could it all really have happened that way? I know the answer – will you soon?) about our first duo date. Because I
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  • Secret agents…

    …certainly have every reason to conceal their phone number. They act in silence, nobody should discover them and they depend on the discretion of their fellow men – sounds almost like people who are in the escort business 🙂 I understand, if someone does not want to reveal too much about himself at the beginning
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  • Hotel W Bangkok – Coolness in the vibrant city

    I was on vacation. Four weeks in Southeast Asia not only left me with a soft tan, but also many impressions, experiences and indescribable happenings. Most of the time I was satisfied with simple accommodation (on the beach you don’t need a luxury hotel *gg*), but to discover Bangkok I allowed myself some comfort and
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  • Song Love V

    Although today it should rather be called "artist love" than "song love". Whoever has the chance to see Casper live - get there right away! Breathtakingly intoxicating! And listen to all albums immediately! KissKiss Alice