The first time I thought about a dream and thought it was impossible. Next time it was a happy coincidence. I'm now madly in love. I think surprises are great, but I didn't think it was very likely that I could

You either seduce angels swiftly, or not at all. Just pull him into a house entrance Stick your tongue in his mouth and grasp Him under the skirt, until he gets himself wet, put Him face to the wall, lift his skirt And fuck him.

There is actually something better than watching porn - reading porn! To my great disappointment most erotic literature is quite boring or plump. Provoking for the sake of provoking, abstruse stories without suspense, simple language. All reasons that only turn me

  If it's not always supposed to be a more expensive five star hotel, I find the house at Rheinauhafen a really good alternative! The rooms are all very spacious, almost all in white and modern styled, in the beds it sleeps

My evening at the wonderful Ristorante Alfredo at the Cologne Opera passed far too quickly recently. Unpretentious and Italian-lively it was a remarkably great evening with excellent food! Roberto Carturan and his wife have been running this traditional restaurant for many