In short: as early as possible.
I only accept a few dates a month and in no case more than one a day, so it is advisable to let me know your preferred date early so that I can keep this evening free for you.

Unfortunately, same-day meetings are not possible – when I meet with you, I want to make myself pretty for you in a relaxed and conscious way and not squeeze you in somewhere in between the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Hotels are the natural habitat of an escort.
I love the special atmosphere, the singularity, the break from the daily routine.
All this is to find on a date with you in a beautiful hotel.

I offer no outcalls in private houses or appartements.

Oh yes please!
I have always a friendly ear for wishes of all kind.

My wardrobe is huge and filled with clothes of all types. I love to fulfill your dreams and get dressed in a way you like. Don’t be afraid that I could feel uncomfortable – I’m not owning anything I don’t like.

If your wishes are very fancy we can talk about how to fulfill them.

Without even specific ideas you can be sure that I will be dressed in style and suitable for the occasion.

Escort lives from the secrecy of all parties involved.
For me it goes without saying that I will not pass on your data, not talk about names, dates, emails, events, preferences and occurrences.

In the same way I trust that you act according to the same standards.
For these reasons of discretion I do not store any telephone numbers in my mobile phone, so don’t take it amiss if I don’t greet you by name when you call.
I prefer this small restriction to the worst case scenario where my phone with your number in it falls into the wrong hands

I always like to help out. I know the recommendable hotels, the best restaurants and also for the nightlife I am a reliable information.
I like to arrange a special program.

Sit back and let yourself be surprised what I have chosen for us!
By the way: I not only know my way around the Rhineland, I have very special ideas for most of the German cities.

For date-independent tourism information, however, I can only recommend or my blog 😉

That’s a good question! In fact, it is not possible for me to commit myself only to Cologne or only to Düsseldorf.
I love both cities, have lived in both for a long time and consider them both as my home.
I only know Bonn from various visits, but this small idyllic city also has a safe place in my heart.

Since all three cities are not far apart and I like to accept meetings in all of them, I can get there without travel expenses!

An escort date is a special situation for everyone involved and the time spent together should be marked by good feelings.
Of course, it can happen that it doesn’t really fit and you don’t feel 100% comfortable. In this case it is better to communicate this politely and break off the meeting.
As a gentleman you give me my travel expenses on the way home.
Should you wish to end the date at a later time, after a more intimate meeting, I unfortunately cannot refund anything.

Of course, it is also open to me to terminate our meeting. Should it come to that, I will of course refund your fee.

In case of transgression of my taboos, drug consumption, attempted intercourse without condom or similar, I will break off the date immediately and no refund will be made.

More informations to my cancellation policy HERE

Actually a nice evening with you is enough for me. A gift in addition to my fee is not necessary.
Nevertheless, I am of course very happy about a small gift, who wouldn’t?

In general I enjoy truffles made of dark chocolate, your favourite CD or even, after all I like to be a typical woman, a piece of exclusive underwear!
I always update my wish list, have a look around, maybe you will find a suggestion.

I love travelling and I am always very happy to leave the Rhineland.
However, a further trip requires more effort than a date in my hometown.
So you will understand that for a date further than 100 km from Düsseldorf or longer than 24h, a deposit of the travel and ticket costs as well as 30% of my fee is required.
It is possible to pay discreetly by bank transfer or cash deposit on my account.

Should I arrive by plane or train, I will book my ticket myself and inform you about the amount of the deposit. I fly business class in flights longer than two hours.
For travel companions, which are planned longer than a weekend, I would like to get to know you beforehand at a shorter meeting.

Should you unfortunately have to cancel our date together, I will refund the deposit of the fee and the travel expenses up to 72 hours before our meeting and try to cancel the tickets.
If you cancel within 72 hours of our date, I will keep your deposit as a credit for a meeting within the next three months, after which it will unfortunately expire.
Already paid ticket costs must be paid again on the following date.

In case of a cancellation from my side, you will of course get the full amount back.

“Independent Escort” means that I work independently from an agency.
I take care of my dates, advertising, website support and everything else that comes up.

And much more important – you always communicate directly with me, nobody stands in between. So we can talk privately and trustingly with each other.

What you always wanted to know about an escort date with me