Travel with me around the world

me to you - Travel companion

I love new cities, foreign hotels, the liveliness and excitement at the airports…
Hardly anything makes me feel as good and naughty as when I let my suitcase roll over slippery floors towards the taxi stand and shortly afterwards sink into the wild embrace of a gentleman.
Don’t you also feel incredibly alive when you leave your beaten tracks and enjoy the smell of your coffee under the covers of a small Parisian hotel for once, instead of quickly in the car on the way to work?
How wonderful it is to dive into another world for a few hours! What for many people means effort is for me fascinating excitement and adventure. For a nice date is hardly a way too far for me!
And that is exactly why I have my “Fly met to you” offer.

Europe-wide I do not take any travel expenses except for ticket and taxi costs.

If the flights are convenient, I can catch a plane on Friday evening and don’t have to go back until late Sunday.
And even for shorter, classic overnights I like to come to you (to your hometown, to where you are at the moment, to where you want to experience forbidden pleasures).

You have even less time? No problem – if you have a hotel room for me alone, we’ll say goodbye after a few hours and I’ll let you go into the night exhausted and smiling, with a little trembling legs and a smile on your lips.


  • For Europe wide dates, worldwide under reserve
  • For shorter dates than an overnight, you provide me with my own hotel room, if a return trip is no longer possible without problems.
  • Flights longer than two hours will be booked in business class