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I love new cities, foreign hotels, the vibrancy and excitement at the airports….
Few things make me feel as good and sexy as when I let my suitcase roll across smooth floors towards the taxi rank, only to sink into the wild embrace of a gentleman shortly afterwards.

Don’t you also feel incredibly alive when you leave your well-trodden paths and you enjoy the scent of your coffee for once with me in your arms under the bed covers of a small Parisian hotel instead of quickly in the car on the way to work?
How nice it is to immerse yourself in another world for a few hours! What for many people means effort is for me fascinating excitement and adventure. For a nice date, hardly any way is too far for me!

Europe-wide, I do not take any travel expenses other than ticket and taxi costs.

If the flights are arranged conveniently, I can take a flight on Friday evening and don’t have to return until Sunday evening.
And even for shorter, classic overnights, I’m happy to come to you (to your hometown, to where you are, to where you’d like to experience forbidden pleasure for once).

You have even less time? No problem – if you have a hotel room for me alone, we’ll say goodbye after a few hours and I’ll let you go into the night, exhausted and smiling, with a little trembling legs and a smile on my lips.


  • Deposit of 30% of my fee and the total ticket costs
  • For dates in Europe
  • For dates shorter than an overnight, you provide me with my own hotel room if a return trip is no longer possible without problems
  • Flights longer than two hours I fly business class, by train I always travel first class.

Where shall we go to?

Information about travel costs and minimum booking time