A few weekends ago, I and a few other escorts ended up in East German solitude. A weekend of taking new pictures, chatting, exchanging and simply escaping the madness of time.
There are already a few surprises on my Twitter and in the coming days the final publication of the pictures will be published here in the blog (stay tuned!). I have to admit, I’m already quite nervous about it!
Not only because I was able to take some pictures of myself, no, we have now also taken pictures with two, three or even four of us!
…I am looking forward to the moment when we can make a date of this combination
If Luisa is there, it’s almost clear that the chance to record a new podcast episode won’t be missed!
And so we both left for an hour, I grabbed a generously poured glass of Crémant and off we went.
Not about such serious topics as we had last time, but about anecdotes, faux pas and funny events. (Blazing flames, flying molluscs and lost rabbits, as I tweeted last week).
The recording was very entertaining and I’ve listened to the new episode twice now.

Check it out, it’s funny – and here’s the link to Spotify: (only in German, sorry!)

Podcast Geliebte auf Zeit – Zwei Escorts und ein Mikrofon

xx Alice

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