It got me, I got infected with the golf virus.
Last year I got my license to play golf and this year I’m practicing hard so that I can soon get away from my -54 handicap.
I just love to test myself, my humility, my frustration threshold and there is hardly anything more fulfilling than a perfectly hit golf ball.

The euphoria when you look at the little round thing and everything turns out just as you thought it would – priceless!

But what would be the greatest fun if you couldn’t share it? Absolutely worthless, exactly!
Especially longer dates are very tempting to spend an afternoon on the court, aren’t they? Afterwards you have countless new topics to talk about and the massage before dinner is well deserved.
The only problem might be that your concentration suffers when a tempting something in front of you has to search for the balls in the bushes…

Let’s prove that you can play golf and still have sex!

For our golf date my special offer is that I only charge my dinner time fee for the time of our game.


  • For dates of 4hours private time or longer
  • For a “golf time” duration up to 6hour once 300€ (my dinner date rate)
  • Also as a mere golf accompaniment possible. Please ask me for the details
  • Equipment, club membership and fast playing skills at hand. And many, many balls…

Let's play!

Golf with Alice