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Foodie, gourmet, connoisseuse – there are many words to describe myself in my favourite passion.
The joy of good food is always with me. A dinner date is so much more than just eating!
Fresh ingredients, expertly arranged, are an art form in their own right, appealing to all the senses. When you are then in exquisite surroundings with charming company, an evening could hardly be more perfect.

You share this passion and have been looking for someone to share it with for a long time? Someone who is just as excited when they taste something completely unknown or something almost perfect? Someone who appreciates the effort and finesse a kitchen team puts into their dishes? Then we should exchange ideas about a dinner date sometime!

I love to travel for good restaurants and the memories of combined with food, intimacy and dinner dates are always the most intense. The sensuality, the decadence and also the elegance of an extraordinary dinner makes me rave for a long time – and the most beautiful raving is in a couple.

In escort, as in haute cuisine, you don’t want to hurry. You want to enjoy without having to watch the clock and a multi-course dinner is not finished in two hours. I understand if you then hesitate to plan this as part of an escort dinner date if you are not spending a weekend together.
I would like to make the decision easier for you – within the scope of this special, I add three hours to the actual booking duration. We make six hours out of three, 15 out of 12,… This way we can first concentrate on one pleasure, then on the others, and nothing and no one is left out.

This special applies to menus in selected, starred restaurants. Do you already have a menu in mind? Feel free to let me know!

My all-time favourites are Le Moissonnier Cologne• The Jane – Antwerp • Alain Ducasse Le Meurice – Paris • 1876 Daniel Dal-Ben – Düsseldorf • Erno’s Bistro – Frankfurt • La Terrazza – Rome.

But my heart also has room for completely new experiences.
I prefer modern French or Italian cuisine, unfortunately Japanese is not really my taste.

Does this make you want to book a table and spend an unforgettable evening? Let me know!

xx Alice


  • for dates from three hours
  • also for dinner dates without private time
  • I add three hours to the planned dating time
  • for menus with wine accompaniment in restaurants with at least one Michelin star
  • Long-term planning is often necessary, as many restaurants do not have tables available at short notice.
  • If a table reservation is confirmed, I require a deposit of 30% of my fee and any ticket costs.