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If you look around in the wide expanses of the internet, you quickly realise that virtually no escort agency and also almost no independent escort can do without the addition of “High Class”. It seems to be set in stone that you have to use this term in order to be found on Google and then hopefully booked quickly.
But is everything called high class? And what does it actually mean?

Yes, I can be found as a High Class Escort Düsseldorf, Cologne, wherever you may imagine. And indeed – for me it is more than just an empty phrase.
High Class stands for reliable values, reliability in style and intellect. You should be able to be sure that you will never be noticed badly with an escort, what calls itself so, that you will be admired and not ridiculed in every restaurant, in every hotel for your company.

Much of what makes a high class escort, is difficult to acquire in adulthood, these are things whose roots must be laid early.
I am proud of my profound education and fine upbringing, which enable me to move with a special ease, with self-evident relaxation on every parquet. In the depths of my heart I am a Renaissance man, love eternal learning and cannot get enough of new experiences and heartfelt conversations.

Independent High Class Escort Berlin

It becomes really high class when it is no longer about the skills and characteristics of me as an escort lady, but when you no longer need to think about all that. When you can rely on the fact that it doesn’t matter where you go, because your companion will make a good impression everywhere. Whether it’s in a pub or a Michelin-starred restaurant, football or polo.
You can let yourself go and just enjoy the moment.

To prepare you a truly unforgettable time, to read your wishes from your eyes, that is my passion.
Tell me about your desires, let me share your dreams and you will see – they don’t have to remain dreams.


Coco Chanel

Keep your heels, head and standards high.

Many people think that being a luxury escort is enough to buy a few brand-name handbags and have firmly fixed 5* standards. I see it a little more differentiated. Of course I value good looks, impressive underwear that you can’t find everywhere. You want and should meet with me because it’s far away from everyday life. But it’s not necessary to act as a walking label advertising pillar.
Good quality speaks for itself. Delicately falling silk fabrics, refined cuts, you’ll notice that I know exactly what I’m wearing. I prefer a certain understatement rather than a screaming show-off.

This demand for beautiful things and my background make it possible for you to experience a date that you will remember for a long time.

If you are serious, High Class Escort is not just a simple string of words. When you find someone who understands your dreams, they become a promise, the beginning of an extraordinary experience.

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