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I am Alice, your Independent Escort Sylt and I am looking forward to taking you on a trip to Wonderland.
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Girlfriend experience, a sometimes wild, sometimes tender seduction – and always an eye for style and elegance are my preferences. The feeling of silk on my skin makes me melt and my weakness for extraordinary lingerie will hopefully drive you crazy.

Escort service Sylt

Just as we leave the restaurant, the last drops of wine on our lips, we sink into deep kisses that promise so much more.

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Sylt, you beautiful pile of sand in the North Frisian Sea.
Island of high society, Porsche Cayennes and Bentleys. Never before have I seen so many of these cars on one street at the same time. And I’m used to a lot, after all I’m a native of Düsseldorf and a luxury escort on the side.

The start with the island and me was rough. I had the usual clichés in my head and little desire for chic, as this is often too superficial for me. However, I can be inspired by quality, good restaurants and long beaches and so I first made my peace with the island and then lost my heart to it.

As an Independent Escort Sylt, it is very easy for me to get there – there is a quick direct flight from Düsseldorf to the island, so I can easily spend a relaxed time with you, whether it is just for an evening or for longer fun, just as you like.
The nice thing is that most of the time you don’t have any business obligations when you’re on Sylt, you just want to relax here, let your soul dangle and give yourself over completely to pleasure.

How dreamy is a sundowner on the beach, nestling in your arms in a beach chair! Romantic walks on the beach are waiting for us, during which we let the wind blow around our ears and I have trouble keeping my hair in check, or if you want to be more active, we can play a round of golf on the fascinating links courses (although – unfortunately my handicap is not yet good enough for Budersand, I’m working on it.), the possibilities for having fun are almost endless.
Of course, I also love to be whisked away to extensive wellness excursions and hot party nights.
The great thing is that you can find all that on Sylt without any problems. And the best thing about it all is when you can share the beautiful moments and crown them with intimate experiences with a high class escort.

See you soon!
xx Alice
Your Independent Escort Sylt

Extraordinary dates at the North Sea

High Class Escortservice Sylt

Independent Escort Sylt
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Experience the Frisian Island with an Independent High Class Companion

There is a reason why people go to Sylt every year. There is so much to discover on Germany’s northernmost island!

Severin*s Resort & Spa

In Keitum, my favourite place on Sylt, lies this wonderfully relaxed hotel. Discreet luxury and classic design invite you to feel good here.

Do you like to drink wine? Then we shouldn’t miss the private wine tasting in the wine cellar!

Website Severin*s Resort & Spa

Even if people back home like to make fun of it, the Sansibar is more than just a Sylt cliché come true.
The “board shack with wine cellar” has something for every taste on the menu and whether lobster or curry wurst, no one goes home unhappy here.

Website Restaurant Sansibar Sylt

Kampen certainly has a few culinary highlights to offer, but my favourite is the rustic Il Ristorante.
The small, cosy restaurant never ceases to amaze me! They serve fine, authentic Italian cuisine and excellent espresso (rumour has it that I sometimes stop there by bike just for that).

Website Il Ristorante in Kampen

Did you know that wine is grown on Sylt?
It’s even good to drink!
There are two vineyards in Keitum and I can highly recommend the wine walk – which of course includes a tasting of Sylt wines!

Wine Walk Sylt

Not in the mood for hustle and bustle, seeing and being seen?
A trip to Sylt’s Ellenbogen will recharge your batteries and let you breathe deeply. This is where I like Sylt almost best – sea, wind, dunes and sheep, but no bling-bling. Wonderful!

Information Ellenbogen in List

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