Autumn and I are very special friends – nature shows itself in its most beautiful colours, it pushes me out of the city, absorbs all the air, freedom and space before the uncomfortable winter locks me in.
I can live out my passion for classic British country fashion and I love to sit on terraces in beautiful surroundings, enjoying a big piece of cake with a glass of champagne. A relaxed laziness spreads within me and I know for sure: this is just my greatest joy of life. A perfect moment.

You hardly ever experience such wonderful autumn days in town centres, I think you really should go to the countryside. Hills, woods, meadows. Best of all with a castle nearby.
A real gem is the Manoir de Lébioles near Spa in Belgium.
An enchanted house with lovely suites, perfect service and an excellent restaurant. Not forgetting the great wellness area, where you can have a lot of fun when there is not so much going on… ?
Just the drive to the manor makes me cheer every time, it’s so beautiful there. The “little Versailles of the Ardennes” with its turrets, oriels and battlements promises an excursion into another world, into the seclusion and luxury that you always enjoy.
I find the small bar completely enchanting. Many guests do not find room there, but that is exactly what makes the bar, indeed the entire house so charming. One is among oneself, it is quiet and pleasantly dignified and one is discreetly spoiled.

It is almost too bad for very short side trips to this place. If you spend only one evening here, you will lose the enjoyment of the dreamlike surroundings of the High Fens. The moorland on the border between Belgium and Germany, through which you can walk on wooden footbridges to a large extent, should definitely not be ignored! You will walk up gentle hills through heathlands, your gaze will wander over the moor and a deep breath will be enough to absorb the peace and quiet.

If you’ve had enough rest, you can get back in the car and drive part of the circuit in Spa-Francorchamps, very exciting!
…A dream that has never been fulfilled is to drive there in a beautiful oldtimer, sometime I have to make it come true!
I love this area in the Ardennes very much, the many small villages and towns, which only invite you to stop for a short while and have a croque monsieur, and after a round through the village you get back into the car to drive along the beautiful streets until you come back to the Manoir de Lébioles in the late afternoon, sit down on the terrace, maybe place the dog at your feet and then finally treat yourself to the big piece of cake with the champagne.

xx Alice

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