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Escort dates are exciting, especially if it’s your first time. So many things go through your mind, you think about whether everything will be alright, whether the “right” lady will come, whether you yourself meet the requirements and, and, and….

Especially often you think about how the first meeting in the hotel will go.
These thoughts are normal and I think almost everyone has had them on a first date. Since it’s usually the same questions about hotel meetings that escort newbies ask themselves, I’ve put together a little round-up of questions – I hope it can take away some of the awkward excitement and leave only the tingling nervousness of anticipation.

How can I be sure that the lady I have an appointment with will come?

In the escort world there are unfortunately not only angels, in fact there are people who are not exclusively out for a good time together.
When you are looking for the escort of your choice, you should make sure that she has a credible overall appearance. Check out the website, maybe she’s on Twitter?
With an independent escort, the contact is more intensive in advance than if you book through an agency, you can talk on the phone and the emails are usually more personal from the beginning so that you already get to know each other a bit. All this reduces the risk that you won’t meet the person you wanted on the date. If, despite all your preparation, someone else is standing in front of you, it is absolutely fine not to start the date. If you want to know who is definitely coming to the hotel the way you imagined, check out my friends page. I know them all personally.
If you book with an agency, make sure it’s an established and well-known agency with good reviews and that you’ve been well advised when planning the trip, then you can be pretty much sure that you won’t get ripped off.

Can I remain anonymous when booking or is my real name mandatory?

First of all, I will not ask you for your passport. Your name, who you are, what exactly you do for a living, what your marital status is, is not important to me. You can be whoever you want to be with me. Escort is an escape from everyday life and we all enjoy entering fantasy worlds from time to time.
But there is one thing: shortly before we meet, I do a room check at the hotel. I call the room briefly so that we both know that everything is fine. Most of the time, this can be done with the direct dialing, but in some hotels, this is done via the reception, who then connects us – for this, I need the name with which you checked in.

Discretion is key in escort dating

Be aware that discretion is a very high priority for me. I have been an escort for a long time and could not have met and re-met such great people over all these years if I wanted to profit from their names and dates. Your name is safe with me and will not be stored.

Do we have to meet in the lobby? Isn’t that totally conspicuous?

I can understand your concerns, you are meeting someone you don’t know yet and can only trust what you have been told and written. The biggest horror would be to sit alone in a hotel lobby, as if on a platter, and then someone comes running up to you who absolutely does not correspond to your ideas. In the worst case already reveals in her appearance and clothing everything that you are about to do together secretely.
First of all, let yourself be reassured – a high class escort hamburg doesn’t want you to see what kinky plans she has when she walks through the door. Most of the time, she doesn’t want to come to the same hotel only once. If you don’t make any specific clothing requests, you can be sure that I will come to you dressed stylishly, elegantly and usually even better than average (that’s why you meet escorts, let’s be honest). The only thing that might come up with outsiders is a little envy of your great company.

How much does it stand out that I’m meeting an escort?

If you’re worried about the reception staff noticing, let me reassure you – they definitely do. And they always know what’s going on.
Very calming, isn’t it?
Seriously – good hotels know that men meet escorts in their hotel, for simple business trips you can book simpler hotels.
I know a hotelier who says quite openly that without escorts he would only sell half the beds and is happy to have such pretty women visiting so often. (And we are not talking about a small, shabby hotel here…).
It is the business of hotels that they do not question the reason for the visit, that they pamper every guest superbly.

Incidentally, I’m also terribly nervous every time I walk into a lobby – will I find the right person right away? What if he’s not waiting for me there at all? What if we don’t like each other?
But most of the time, the excitement is gone very quickly.

There are reasons not to meet in the lobby

Sometimes there are good reasons for not meeting in the lobby, for example if you don’t want to be recognised directly in your home town or if you are staying in a hotel with many colleagues. I don’t like to come directly to the room, because I always want to experience a social part outside of the room in the date, but other escorts have less problems with that. But I have also found good solutions with everyone so far.
If you want to meet in your room, be aware if the lift requires a room card – if so, it’s better to meet outside the hotel or first in a bar/restaurant outside (this is always my preferred choice if it’s to be completely incognito).

Meeting outside the room is also always a safety aspect for escorts, after all we don’t know who we are meeting either and a first meeting in public is always safer. Unfortunately, there are not only nice men and whether you are nice or not so nice, we can always say after the date.

Is it better to meet in my hometown or outside?

Good question, to which I can’t give you a definite answer. Even if you think that a hotel meeting in your home town is more conspicuous, it is usually not very likely that friends and acquaintances are staying in the exact hotel where you are meeting with the escort. However, if you are bound or similar, you should consider whether you show yourself in public in company or where your acquaintances like to go out to eat – and then choose a different restaurant. Nothing is worse than ruining a nice date because you were seen by someone who passes it on to your wife….
Often dates in another city are easier to organise – and isn’t it nice to discover something new?


If you have any other concerns about a hotel date that I haven’t considered here, please let me know – by email or in the comments below.

xx Alice

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