Everything you wanted to know about meeting an independent escort.

Before an escort meeting, you ask yourself a lot of questions. When to ask? Where do we meet? Will we get along?

I know the excitement, nervousness and insecurity before a date and it’s completely okay if you don’t know everything right away.

I get asked a lot of questions all the time – I’ve listed them here in the FAQs. If something remains unanswered, feel free to drop me a line!

And how the whole meeting at the hotel works – I wrote a whole blog about that. Have a look!
Questions about the hotel meeting

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When is the best time to ask for a meeting?

In short: as early as possible.
I only accept a few dates a month and in no case more than one a day, so it is a good idea to let me know your preferred date early so that I can keep that evening free for you. This is especially important for weekends!
As I have a full-time job in addition to escorting, I don’t do dates during the day during the week.

Same day meetings are usually an impossibility, but feel free to try and I’ll see what I can do.

What does a good enquiry look like?

Oh, there are so many possibilities – short and sweet is perfectly ok (I am quite direct and not much extensive in written communication myself), but even if you write more, I am happy.

Important: Please introduce yourself a little, tell me what you want. And best of all, write directly when, where and for how long you would like to meet me.

Where can I meet you?

Hotels are the natural habitat of an escort.
I like the special atmosphere, the extraordinary, the time out from everyday life. I find all of this on a date in a beautiful hotel outcall with you.

Home visits and incalls are not possible.

I have a special outfit request for our date, are you open to it?

Oh yes!
I always have an open ear for wishes and see myself in the role of wish-fulfiller.

My wardrobe is large and varied, I find something suitable for every wish and love to dress according to your ideas. You don’t give me any trouble with that and I will also feel comfortable, because I feel comfortable in everything I own.

In the case of very unusual wishes, we can discuss individually how to fulfil them.
But even without a specifically expressed preference, you can be sure that I will come tastefully dressed for the occasion.

You can see what this can look like in my selfie gallery.

What about discretion, is my data safe with you?

Escort lives from the discretion of all participants.
For me it is self-evident that I do not pass on your details, do not talk about names, dates, emails, events, preferences and occurrences.

I also trust that you will act according to the same standards.

I'm coming to Duesseldorf/Cologne and don't know my way around here - do you have any tips for me?

I am always happy to help out when it comes to planning a date together. I know the best hotels for escort dates, the most interesting restaurants and I am also a reliable source of information about the nightlife.
I will be happy to put together a special programme for us.

Sit back and let me surprise you with what I have chosen for us!

And since I’m not only an independent escort in the Rhineland, I’m sure to have ideas for other cities as well.
You can also find a few hotels and restaurants in the blog or on the individual city pages.

I always read Düsseldorf/ Cologne/ Bonn, can't you decide on one city?

That is a pretty good question! In fact, it is not possible for me to commit only to Independent Escort Cologne or only to Independent Escort Düsseldorf.
I love both cities, have lived in both for a long time and consider them both my home.
I only know Bonn from various visits, but this small idyllic city also has a safe place in my heart.

Since all three cities are not far apart and I enjoy taking meetings in all of them, I can get there without any travel costs!

What happens if we find that the chemistry is not right, I want to break off the date?

An escort date is a special situation for all involved and the time together should be filled with good feelings.
Of course, it can happen that it doesn’t really fit and you don’t feel 100% comfortable. In that case, it is better to politely tell me and break off the date. This is not pleasant for either side, but it would be even more unpleasant to torture yourself through a bad date.
I don’t blame you for this decision, quite the opposite.
As a gentleman, you will give me my travel expenses on the way home.

Should you wish to break off the date at a later date, after getting to know each other more intimately, I unfortunately cannot refund anything.

Of course, I am also free to break off our meeting. Should this happen, I will of course refund your fee.

If my taboos are exceeded, drug use, attempted intercourse without a condom or similar, I will break off the date immediately and there will be no refund.

I would like to bring you a present, what are you happy about?

Actually, a nice evening with you is enough for me, a gift in addition to my fee is not necessary.
Nevertheless, I am of course very happy about a small gift, who wouldn’t be?

Generally speaking, you can make me very happy with dark chocolate truffles (no fruit-filled truffles, pleaseplease), wine (dry, complex, full-bodied, not too acidic, I like complicated, red & white goes both ways), your favourite record or, after all, I like to be a typical woman, with a piece of exclusive underwear!

I also keep updating my wish list, so feel free to have a look around and maybe you’ll find something to inspire you.

I would like to meet you outside Duesseldorf, how does that work?

I really enjoy travelling and I am always very happy to leave the Rhineland.
However, an trip to a date requires more effort and planning security than a date in my hometown. There are tickets and dog sitters to be booked.
So you will understand that for a date that is further than 100 km from Duesseldorf or goes longer than an evening, I take a deposit of the travel and ticket costs as well as up to 30% of my fee.
Discreet payment by bank transfer or cash deposit to my account is possible.

If I am travelling by plane or train, I will book my ticket myself and inform you of the amount of the deposit. For journeys longer than two hours, I will travel business class (plane) or 1st class (train).

Should you unfortunately have to cancel our date together, I will refund the deposit of the fee and the travel costs up to 72 hours before our meeting and try to cancel the tickets.
If you cancel within 72 hours of our date, I will keep your deposit as a credit for a date within the next three months, after which it will unfortunately be forfeited.
Any ticket fees already paid must be paid again on the following date.

In the event of a cancellation on my part, you will of course receive a full refund.
This is also explained in the cancellation conditions.

What does ``Independent Escort`` actually mean?

“Independent Escort” means that I work independently from an agency.
I take care of my dates, advertising, website support and everything else on my own.

And much more important – you always communicate directly with me, no one stands in between. So we can talk to each other privately and confidentially.

I especially enjoy the fact that I can keep in touch with you even between dates – if you like, of course! I won’t contact you without being asked, but I’m happy if you give me the ok 🙂

Are you expecting a 3-star meal followed by a visit to the opera before we leave for the hotel or what other programme should I plan?

Of course, a 2-star menu at Le Moissonnier and the theater instead of the opera will also do 😉 I’m serious.

Seriously – yes, I love great restaurants, even the best ones, culture (but I prefer ballet and theatre, not opera, sorry. I’ll make an exception for Bayreuth) and luxury hotels and like to enjoy them euphorically with my gentleman, but that’s not everything and I don’t expect it. Because all that is no fun if you force yourself to do it because “you have to”.
Enough people fall asleep after a multi-course meal and fun is out of the question, or they just want to sit casually at a bar and flirt with a hot escort without any cultural entertainment.

Think about what YOU feel like doing. You can inspire me with many things!
It is important to me that you feel comfortable and that you have a good time.

As for the food – on a date of 4 hours or more I expect to see the inside of a restaurant, unless we have planned something else.
Full evenings or even overnights just in the room are not for me.

If you’re unsure – the classic date routine is usually to meet at the hotel, often at the bar, then to a restaurant and then back, maybe have a drink at the bar or in the room.

If you’re happy to hand over the responsibility, I’m of course happy to take care of the restaurant and evening planning. Just tell me what you like and I’ll see what I have up my sleeve. (By the way, I have a great weakness for brewery cuisine).

How do you feel about reviews in message boards like TER or Captain 69?

Reviews often divide opinion.

Personally, I love reviews about myself. (Yes, I am a little bit in love with myself…). I just love to hear when someone was so enthusiastic about me that they even want to tell others about it.
I also always enjoy reading older reviews and reminiscing about the time we spent together. For me, they are a bit like an entry in a poetry album. A very naughty poetry album.

If you let me know that you have written a report about me, I will of course show my appreciation on the next date 😉
MC Escort, escort-dates.com, Captain69 or TER are good places to go, you can find some reports about me there.

Ah, and if you allow me, I always like to expand the nice words on my homepage with excerpts from feedback mails or reviews. (Gee, I’m really in love with myself).