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Yout ticket to wonderland

Alice – Independent Escort Bonn

Passion – Lust – Love

Escort Service Bonn

Independent Escort Bonn

Welcome to the world of pleasure and passion!
Let me take you away to a time of pleasure, eroticism and elegance.

I am Alice, your Independent Escort in Bonn and I am looking forward to solve your personal ticket to the wonderland with you.
What is your desire? What are your wishes? Let me fulfil everything you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Girlfriend Experience, a sometimes wild, sometimes tender seduction – and always an eye for style and elegance are things that make your heart beat faster. The feeling of silk on my skin makes me melt away and my weakness for extraordinary lingerie will hopefully drive you crazy.

Just as we leave the restaurant, the last drops of wine on our lips, we sink into deep kisses that promise so much more.

Whether it’s a short encounter, an escort date as an outburst of passion, or a long date as a travel companion, what we both long for is good.
Tell me, what do you long for?


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Escort Service Bonn

escortservice bonn
Bonn, the small, sometimes sleepy, but mostly magical city south of Cologne. What would have become of it if it had not been crowned federal capital?

I find it hard to say something really nice, because I find most hotels here only average to boring and there are not many good restaurants either, but nevertheless it is possible to spend nice hours here with an escort date.
That’s what escorting is all about – making boring evenings something very special. If the surroundings don’t offer much, then at least the escort should be right!

Yes, Bonn used to be the home of Beethoven, the cherry blossom in spring is also really incredibly beautiful (…so beautiful that the road in question was closed this year because so many instagram junkies made a pilgrimage there), there are wonderful museums here and on the Museum Mile, in the Bla and on the Kunstrasen you can see extremely good concerts, but beauty and elegance only have their place behind the large windows of the Godesberg villas. Or in the hotel on the Petersberg, which I really enjoy visiting.
In many cities you can have a wonderful time alone, but for Bonn I recommend an escort service with all my heart. How good that you have landed right here on the right page.

My tips for Bonn

“… as a change of air Bonn can work wonders for hours.”
Heinrich Böll, Views Of A Clown

Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg

Venerable, dignified and with great historical significance. The renovation has really done the house good and the old muff has disappeared.

Especially the breathtaking view is worth a visit!

Website Hotel Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg

Kameha Grand

Blood-red corridors give an idea of what can happen behind the doors…

Opulent design focuses on “more is more” and the restaurants are also worth a visit. (Especially the best Yunico!)

Website Hotel Kameha Grand

Kunstrasen Bonn

Since my first visit to the Rheinkultur (R.I.P.), Bonn has always been closely connected to music. You can often visit very good concerts here!
In summer, very different but always very good bands play on the Kunstrasen.

Website Kunstrasen Bonn

Haus der Geschichte

I love history. And good museums. With the Haus der Geschichte, Bonn unites my two passions. The entrance is free – an absolute MUST visit!

Website Haus der Geschichte Bonn

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