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independent escort Bonn

Welcome to the world of lust and passion!
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I am Alice, your Independent Escort Bonn  and I am looking forward to take you on a trip to Wonderland.
Girlfriend Experience, a sometimes wild, sometimes tender seduction, let me fulfil everything you have dreamed of for a long time.
Whether a short encounter, an escort date as an outburst of passion, or a long date as a travel companion, I am up for any fun. Tell me, what are you longing for?


Independent Escort Bonn

I kiss the last drops of wine from your lips as we leave the restaurant arm in arm. Discover with me the shared passions that make us break out in ecstasy.
I want to give you a wonderful time, seduce you and take your breath away. Are you in?

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High Class Escort Bonn

Bonn, the small, sometimes sleepy, but mostly enchanting city south of Cologne. I wonder what would have become of it had it not been crowned the federal capital?

I have a hard time saying something really nice, because I find most of the hotels here just average to boring and there are not many good restaurants either, but nevertheless it is possible to spend nice hours with an Independent Escort Date here.
That’s what escorting is all about – turning rather boring evenings into something very special. If the surroundings don’t offer much, then at least the escort should be right!

Yes, Bonn used to be Beethoven’s home, the cherry blossom in spring is really beautiful (…so beautiful that the street in question has already been temporarily closed because so many Instagramjunkies have made a pilgrimage there.), there are wonderful museums here and you can see extremely good concerts on the Museum Mile, in the Bla and on the Kunstrasen, but beauty and elegance only have their place behind the large windows of the Godesberg villas. (And since I, as an Independent Escort Bonn, find house calls awful, I only go there in my free time). Or in the hotel on the Petersberg, which I really enjoy visiting.

In many cities you can have a wonderful time alone, but for your stay here I wholeheartedly recommend an escort service. How good that you landed right here on the right page.


xx Alice
Independent Escort Bonn

Escort Service Bonn

My recommendations for an
Escort Date in Bonn

``... as a change of air, Bonn can work wonders for hours.``
Heinrich Böll, Views of a Clown

Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg

The hotel is venerable, dignified and of great historical importance. The renovation has truly done the house good and the old mustiness has disappeared.

Especially the breathtaking view is worth a visit!

Website Hotel Steigenberger Grandhotel & Spa Petersberg

Kameha Grand

Blood-red corridors give an idea of what naughty things can happen behind the closed doors…

Opulent design focuses on “more is more” and the restaurants are also worth a visit. (Especially the excellent Yunico!).

Website Hotel Kameha Grand

Kunstrasen Bonn

Ever since my first visit to Rheinkultur (R.I.P.), Bonn has always been closely connected with music, and you can really go to a lot of good concerts here!
In summer, very different but always very good bands play on the Kunstrasen.

Website Kunstrasen Bonn

Haus der Geschichte

I love history. And good museums. With the Haus der Geschichte, Bonn combines my two passions. Admission is free – an absolute must-visit!

Website Haus der Geschichte Bonn

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    An evening full of passion, lots of fun and sex.

    Alice creates that feeling of being very comfortable around you, but also brings that fire to blaze that you actually want to pull her into the hotel room right away. So that's the famous "girlfriend experience" - the last time I had sex this hot was when I was in a new relationship.

    The perfect lady

    Her perfect mixture of Girlfriend erotic and PSE is fascinating. It was like she could read my mind and knew what I wanted and needed. She is slightly submissive and gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever experienced.

    It's phenomenal!

    Dear Alice, thank you so much for your willingness to plan and implement this little surprise, thank you so much for your passion and your wonderful sense of humour! You are really great!

    A real 'fille de joie'

    Alice is a real 'fille de joie', she gave me a very nice time and wonderful erotic pleasures, but she also knows how to make her own "demands" during togetherness. All in all, I can say that it was a successful and wonderful weekend!

    A danger of addiction with the potential for repetition!

    Alice is worth more than one sin. A lively, bright, self-confident yet pleasantly girlish young woman. Conclusion: Addictive with repeat potential. Thank you Alice!

    Thank you for this night!

    The pictures of her are 100% true to reality. Her bottom is an absolute dream, not to mention her velvety skin. Alice, thank you so much for this night, I will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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    Your lips are addicting!

    The date with you was really very, very nice! As a rather shy and reserved person, I was not quite sure whether it would be a good match 'live', despite the great communication in advance. Already in the bar, you convinced me in no time, responded wonderfully to me and took the initiative, which I found very enjoyable and relaxing. It was great to feel how you like to kiss, passionately and demanding. Your lips are addictive!!! Also this mixture of tenderness and ``dirtier`` things was just horny and totally exciting! My head cinema has been running at full speed for a next date ever since. Thank you very much for this!

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