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independent escort Hamburg

You’re more in the mood for an amazing, romantic time without much effort than a boring evening alone at the bar of your hotel?

You want to be desired and feel the fire of the first encounter, let yourself fall in the rush of desire and have the luxury of already knowing the outcome?

I have an idea how you can fulfil these wishes…

Independent Escort Hamburg

If you’re a lover of smart conversations with a leggy brunette with a nice bottom, if you like flirting, drinking wine and being seduced, then we should definitely get to know each other!
I want to spend lustful hours with you and have an incredible amount of fun – the end will always be a rumpled bed and a wide, happy grin on our faces. I promise.

Who’s waiting for you? A good-humoured Independent Escort Hamburg without airs and graces. A cheerful nature, light-hearted, easy-going and relaxed, not at a loss for words, but with the ability to simply listen. A little chameleon between lady, vamp and girl next door.

Sounds good? It is!

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High Class Escort Hamburg

Hamburg, my pearl. As hackneyed and clichéd a phrase as it is, there is a bit of truth in it. My heart has always beaten for the Hanseatic city in the far north, as half of my roots come from there. If I am ever banned from the Rhineland, Hamburg will be my first port of call. That will make many people happy, because then I can do my mischief there even more easily as an Independent Escort Hamburg.
I am always impressed by the elegant clarity of the city, where the rough nature of the harbour combines with the nobility of old money as a matter of course.
If you’re here for the first time, you should definitely hop on one of the boats that offer a tour of the impressive harbour. The old Elbtunnel and the Landungsbrücken are also a must see! If you happen to be there with me, be prepared for my existence as a luxury escort in Hamburg to be stopped short when I hum “…out at the Landungsbrücken…” by Kettcar. (It’s catchy, I can’t help it).

Being a gateway to the world is also reflected in the restaurant scene. Haute cuisine connoisseurs get their money’s worth just as much as people who just want a quick pizza. (Pizza always comes to mind very quickly in Hamburg, as Luigi’s in the Portuguese quarter is my favourite pizza).

Many people always think of musicals when they think of Hamburg, so here’s a small request: Don’t take me there, I wouldn’t appreciate it. I’d rather take you to the wild Molotow on the Kiez, to the Indra Bar for alternative concerts or listen to the classical masters with you in the Elbphilharmonie. Maybe a trip to small clubs doesn’t seem too appropriate for a high class escort, but isn’t variety what makes life exciting?

So, enough raving about the wonderful city on the Elbe and falling in love with ideas of future encounters.
Check your calendar, maybe we will soon find a reason to meet in Hamburg for an unforgettable escort date, a train is quickly booked.
I look forward to meeting you!

xx Alice
Independent Escort Hamburg

Escort Service Hamburg

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great date with an independent escort in Hamburg

If you like it elegant, Hambug is the perfect place. But there is also plenty to discover for lovers of sinful experiences.

6 h
we meet at least
200 €
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    sweet words from my lovers

    An evening full of passion, lots of fun and sex.

    Alice creates that feeling of being very comfortable around you, but also brings that fire to blaze that you actually want to pull her into the hotel room right away. So that's the famous "girlfriend experience" - the last time I had sex this hot was when I was in a new relationship.

    The perfect lady

    Her perfect mixture of Girlfriend erotic and PSE is fascinating. It was like she could read my mind and knew what I wanted and needed. She is slightly submissive and gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever experienced.

    It's phenomenal!

    Dear Alice, thank you so much for your willingness to plan and implement this little surprise, thank you so much for your passion and your wonderful sense of humour! You are really great!

    A real 'fille de joie'

    Alice is a real 'fille de joie', she gave me a very nice time and wonderful erotic pleasures, but she also knows how to make her own "demands" during togetherness. All in all, I can say that it was a successful and wonderful weekend!

    A danger of addiction with the potential for repetition!

    Alice is worth more than one sin. A lively, bright, self-confident yet pleasantly girlish young woman. Conclusion: Addictive with repeat potential. Thank you Alice!

    Thank you for this night!

    The pictures of her are 100% true to reality. Her bottom is an absolute dream, not to mention her velvety skin. Alice, thank you so much for this night, I will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

    Alice is a 10.0! Absolutely risk of addiction!

    And after the first kiss, and especially the first check on her amazing booty under her casual skirt, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun. I've seen some women's bottoms before but Alice has the most perfect ass I've ever seen.

    Your lips are addicting!

    The date with you was really very, very nice! As a rather shy and reserved person, I was not quite sure whether it would be a good match 'live', despite the great communication in advance. Already in the bar, you convinced me in no time, responded wonderfully to me and took the initiative, which I found very enjoyable and relaxing. It was great to feel how you like to kiss, passionately and demanding. Your lips are addictive!!! Also this mixture of tenderness and ``dirtier`` things was just horny and totally exciting! My head cinema has been running at full speed for a next date ever since. Thank you very much for this!

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    What’s especially great about Hamburg is that one of my favourite duo partners lives here – the enchanting, wonderfully elegant and seductive Lynette.

    Lynette and I share a love of good food and great wines, and we are also on the same wavelength when it comes to intimacy. We love duo dates together, where you will melt under our hands!
    As a true Independent High Class Escort, each of us knows how to handle the responsibility of promise that this term entails. Rest assured – we will make your dreams come true, whether individually or as a duo.

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