• Song Love X

    I don't think I've listened to any album more often in the last year than Vivaldi's Four Seasons, played by Nigel Kennedy. This sweeping, passionate, tear-jerking masterpiece just doesn't get old. As many cheesy recordings as there are, Mr Kennedy manages to take it all to a whole other level. ...and I still can't agree
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  • Song Love IX

    A song that I can listen to over and over again for hours and sing along loudly. And although it is actually so sad, this melody always conjures a broad grin in my face.
  • Song LoveVIII

    Lieblingslied VIII I always find it fascinating what magic music can develop when it is reduced to very few building blocks. I could listen to this song again and again for hoursĀ <3
  • Happyyyyyyyy :)

    Although I already raved about spring two days ago, I have to do it again right away! Since I woke up I’ve already got a catchy tune from the song and nothing fits better to sit on the balcony with a coffee, laptop on the table, forget about work and twitch my feet. And now
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  • Song Love V

    Although today it should rather be called "artist love" than "song love". Whoever has the chance to see Casper live - get there right away! Breathtakingly intoxicating! And listen to all albums immediately! KissKiss Alice
  • Song Love III

    KissKiss Alice PS: New website is under construction, it will stay pink, but will be a little less ;) Well, it is fun to build, but you have to be patient for now.
  • Song Love II

      The original by Kate Bush has always fascinated me - inaccessible, squeaky and a great chorus. Captivating and confusing and impossible to sing along with (and yet I do :P ). Just now, while browsing through this cover of New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra, I fell in love directly. I don't want to say
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