I love positive feedback! And I really love to share it with the world!
A review on a review board or via mail is not mandatory for a date with me but a very special gift. You don’t have to – but I will enjoy it and come back to you with a little sign of gratitude. Just send me a mail with the link of your review and get your sweet surprise.

If you want to write anything about our date the websites www.mc-escort.de, http://www.captain69.co.uk/ and a Google review work best.

September 2021 - Mail

My Feedback (which, by the way, you are welcome to screenshot in whole or in part as you please or share on your website, I think more people should know what an exciting person you are):

The date with you was really very very nice! As a rather taciturn and reserved person, I was not quite sure whether it would be a good match 'live', despite the great communication beforehand. Already in the bar you convinced me in no time, you responded wonderfully to me and took the initiative, which I found very nice and relaxing. I felt the same way during our time together in our room. Enjoying and letting go is always very difficult for me, and of course I was also a little nervous. But you managed to get me into a feel-good zone where I could come out of myself (which is really not that easy). Thank you so much for that! It was great to feel how you like to kiss, passionately and demanding. Your lips are addictive!!! Also this mixture of tenderness and ``dirtier`` things was just horny and totally relaxing! My head cinema has been running at full speed ever since for a possible next date sometime. Thank you very much for that!

I hope that I treated you respectfully at all times and that you were able to enjoy the evening a bit, even though I am not such an exciting and emotional person.

I think a customer once said on the podcast: Escorts are very special people who have an incredible feeling for people and simply live with passion, without prejudice and openly. I thought the same thing before our date. Yesterday I felt it myself, that this is very true.

Thank you so much for this great evening!

Leon - Captain 69

„Meeting Alice is an overall positive adventure. She is very outgoing, passionate, funny, well educated and when I took her out for dinner she was the perfect lady at my side.

Conversation flows easily and to flirt with her is a great pleasure!
We met in Frankfurt and although I saw her the first time it was like we knew each other since long. We had no need to break the ice – there was none.

Her perfect mixture of Girlfriend erotic and PSE is fascinating. It was like she could read my mind and knew what I wanted and needed. She is slightly submissive and gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever experienced.

Alice loves sex and men and everything she does, she does with pleasure. I really liked her attitude towards sex. I can imagine that she is perfect for men who prefer just GFE or men who like the dirtier version.
She can handle both easily and you will never get the feeling that she’s playing a role.“

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Lenne TER

“Alice led descretely through the evening (drink, dinner, bar, bed, funfunfun, sleep, morning fun, coffee and breakfast) so I could relax and just go with the flow.

She is a jewel and I will meet her again.”

Anonym - MC

Alice manages to make you feel very comfortable in your surroundings, but also brings this fire to blaze that you actually want to pull her into the hotel room immediately.

Alice kisses fantastically, demanding and obviously has fun playing.
Her French is more than ``conversation proof``; I don't think I've ever gotten such a good blow job.

So this is the famous ``girlfriend experience`` - the last time I had sex this hot was when I was in a new relationship.

The evening with this woman was absolutely worth it. Alice embodies ``lighthearted savoir-vivre`` as she writes, through and through, plus she's smart and unpretentious. An evening with her is unstressed, full of passion, a lot of fun and sex.

Alex - KM

``Alice is a wonderful woman with whom you can have a lot of fun not only in bed. Very pretty, natural and just adorable. And if you look deep into her eyes... We will definitely see each other again ;-)``

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Anonym MC

``It was a very sensual and passionate pleasure with a natural, pretty and pleasant young woman. ``

Mike - MC

``Alice is a fantastic woman who may not give you what you want, but over the course of the evening finds out exactly what you need!!!
She evolves from a good friend, to a lover with almost boundless passion. Normal conversations about God and the world are easy for her, as well as conversations that can be classified as nerds, no problem for her and that's why I made her an honorary nerd ;)!

The pictures of her correspond 100% to reality. Her butt is an absolute dream, just like her breasts and her small, sweet belly. Not to mention her velvety soft skin. Alice, thank you so much for this night, will be able to live off it for a very long time.``

Jörg - MC

``Already the first sight of Alice was very convincing and immediately made taste for more.
And after the first kiss and especially the first testing grip on her insane butt under the casual skirt I knew that we will have a lot of fun. I've seen a lot of women's butts but Alice has the most perfect butt I've ever seen.

Who loves varied sex and also likes it French is with Alice at the right address. The meeting with Alice was the hottest thing I had experienced so far, was always of the opinion that the grade 10.0 is unattainable but Alice is a 10.0! Absolutely addictive!!!``

Anonym Email

``Alice is an elegant, erotic lady with esprit. Excellent conversation - I did not even think that we get along so well``