It’s about time, it’s been far too long since our last special together – so now there’s a new opportunity to get to know Miss Undercover and me more intensively at reduced rates:

We want to make you glow!

Here it is: our special for all gentlemen with the courage for heated hand-to-hand combat with two hot girls:

Sinergy – the sinful interplay of two irresistible components.

We want to savour the game of dominance and devotion, let off steam during wild sex, turn your head, and at the same time it may – no, it should – get dirty and loud. Sweaty bodies, racing pulses and pleasurable moans are our goal.

We want to party with you, pop the corks and forget about our sweet side at home.

Are you with us?

As a well-rehearsed team, we are open to new adventures and excited about what awaits us with you!

Turn on your imagination and hit the keys, we are eager to make your hot fantasies come true.

We offer this special as a six-hour date with dinner at the beginning or a long overnight (15 hours, including bags under the eyes the next morning). We will gladly inform you about our fee by email to info@alice-escort.

Since we both have a huge appetite for new encounters, we are also happy to meet in other cities and take nothing for the journey apart from the pure ticket costs.

Duo Special

Two hot escorts that will take your breath away