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I'm left-handed

...and so I'm used to having to improvise and solve problems (soup ladles, bread knives, pens on a chain...). However, I hope that I beat the statistics and don't die earlier.

I love to travel

...but find it awful to travel alone (been there done that). Sightseeing during the day, wandering the streets, taking in the flow of the city, visiting museums and churches is something I like to do with just me, but I really don't like going to restaurants or bars alone. If I have to, I always demonstratively put my camera and travel guide on the table so that no one thinks I don't have any friends. Besides, I just like to talk too other people.

I am a historian

…and a biologist! Before I studied history, I had already graduated in biology. In the meantime, I earn my money with my rock-solid scientific education. My knowledge of history is now only used to know better and to rage about bad novels. (If you like Dan Brown, we may have a problem 😉 )

I have a weekness for beautiful cars

...a shiny red vintage car, a Land Rover that smells like the desert, a small convertible that drives us through Italy. Cars excite my imagination and as someone who likes to live clichés, certain cars also always promise me the fulfilment of a little dream, a story in my imagination. However, riding along alone is not enough for me, I want to drive myself! Feel the curves of the country road being elegantly negotiated by me and feel the rush of speed... I'm afraid I'm going to need a bigger garage soon.

I can read books in seven languages

…but I can only speak two fluently and manage with four. At the beginning it’s always easy for me to learn a language, but when it comes to active use, I’m often speechless. I am fluent in German (surprise!) and English, ok French and Dutch, so-so Italian and Hebrew and then a little Spanish (ok, I only read children’s books there). But even if I’m not yet able to hold deep conversations, I think it’s great to at least be able to order my food in the local language.

I love buying books

...but I have far too little time to read. My 'next to read' pile is over a metre high. But I think you can never have enough books, and I'm young, so I'm sure I'll get around to reading them all. By the way, I read most non-fiction or classic literature, but every now and then it has to be a cheesy historical novel or a crime novel by Ian Rankin.

I am a cat person

...but I share my flat with an old english sheepdog and can't imagine anything nicer. By the way, Madame is also the reason why I find it difficult to go on spontaneous dates - her dog care needs a day's notice.

alice escort and her dog OES
I love sex in bed

…how stuffy! No, seriously: a bed is big, a bed is cosy. No one tips over, slips, has to hold on or twist, that’s wonderful! Of course I also love desks, bed benches, balconies and playing in front of window panes with a view over Frankfurt, but if I had to choose one option for the rest of my life, it would be the bed.

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