This time tomorrow you could be waking up with the sand beneath your toes and a man between your legs. Stephanie/ Secret Diary of a Call Girl

A light summer wind brushes through my hair, you hold my hand while the sand, white as icing sugar, absorbs our footsteps. I give you a seductive look and slowly pull you closer until my lips touch yours.
Deeply lost in the kiss, we stand on the beach, alone, only the steady sound of the waves breaking the silence.  
The sun, which just tickled our skin, sinks blood-red into the sea. I let myself be overwhelmed by passion and want more, and you are only too willing to fulfil my wish…

Can you recognise yourself in this scene that has fired my imagination for so long? Have you even had the same dream?
I love daydreaming, thinking about which part of the world I want to discover, what I want to experience there, and I especially like to imagine how I could seduce someone there.

You’ve probably thought about what adventures are still waiting for you. There are many reasons to fulfil them with an independent escort as your travel companion!

  • – You have always wanted to visit a certain place, a city or experience something, but you want to share the pleasure and not travel alone.
    We already know each other and you dream of having me with you for a longer period of time.
  • You need a break from stressful everyday life and just want to get away, whether it’s just for a weekend or longer
  • You have to go on a business trip and don’t want to worry about entertainment and distraction, but rather look forward to being seduced by me.
  • You just want to relax and are happy when everything is already planned and arranged and someone reads your wishes from your eyes.
  • You could also travel with friends, but they wouldn’t be thrilled if you preferred to make out with them in a gateway in Rome instead of listening to the city guide (…I, on the other hand, am very enthusiastic about it!).

International travel companion with an independent escort

How boring my life would be if I always stayed in Düsseldorf, but the real fun starts here – the joint idea, the planning of where we could go, which hotel we like and what we would like to experience – we should definitely discuss this in advance so that we don’t plan two different holidays.

Are you more of a beach person who enjoys lying in the sun and relaxing by watching the sea? Or do you love the curiosity that comes over you when you visit a foreign city?
I’m very fond of both, and I’m happy to alternate between the two. And if you like it more active – let me know! I have a diving licence, sail regularly, play golf and ride horses. And of course, in winter you’ll find me skiing (or tobogganing, I look good in a bobble hat) on the various slopes of the Alps.
In cities, I like to drift, discovering little cafés and restaurants, losing myself in the vibe of the city. I don’t want to miss out on sightseeing in historical places!
And if we end up in Tuscany on a wine discovery tour in the convertible, my heart belongs to you alone.

If we’re going to be away for longer than a weekend, it would be practical if we’d met beforehand, because if we don’t get on at all, even a trip to paradise will be terribly exhausting and boring. And since your time is just as precious as mine, we don’t want to waste it.

Otherwise, I like things to be uncomplicated – we decide where to go, you send me a deposit and the travel costs, and then we’re ready to go!

For inspiration, here are some of my secret dreams….

reisebegleitung malediven tauchen

Diving with turtles in the Maldives

independent escort italien

Learning what ``la dolce vita`` means in Portofino

reisebegleitung provence

Having a glass of red wine in a lavender field in the Provence

Independent escort paris

Eating a croissant in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower while wearing a beret

independent escort schottland

Hunt ghosts and drink whisky with you in Scotland

Playing with the swimming pigs in the Bahamas

What are you waiting for?

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